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MGP Taiwan has successfully transformed from producing electronic goods to stationery gifts & premiums manufacturer several years ago. 
MGP Taiwan entered Japan and US gifts & premiums market in the last three years, and the growth was tremendous.
MGP Taiwan is aiming for higher quality expectation for all its products and services, meanwhile, MGP Taiwan will enter European market starting 2009 with diversified services and promotional tactics for all its clients. 
Moreover, MGP Taiwan will continue to grow in Notrh America and South America in the next 10 years.
MGP Taiwan is dedicated to serve all types of business to promote their images at most effective and efficient ways.
Promoting environmental images is a must around the World;
MGP Taiwan will be one of the leading companies for “Better for Life” to promote environmental products.
For global environmental protection,
we also invest in the development of environmentally friendly materials.
 In October 2008, the PLA biodegradable pen was launched.
 Continued to launch in June 2016, PET bottle recycled material R-PET pen.

We will continue to develop other products, welcome to cooperate in development

Establish an internal control mechanism to prevent the penetration of terrorist attacks
Ensure the safety of goods throughout the supply chain and strengthen safety control
Strengthen employee safety education and training, and enhance safety awareness
Carefully evaluate partners and build a safe supply chain
Comply with laws and regulations to meet the security needs of customs and customers
Eliminate any illegal incidents that are detrimental to the safety of the supply chain
Continuous evaluation and implementation of safety management plan
Carry out information security control to reduce information abnormal incidents